17th Judicial DA

Joint Statement by the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the Northglenn Police Department re Filing Decision

January 26, 2023

Brighton, CO

Joint Statement by the District Attorney’s Office and the Northglenn Police Department

On January 21, 2023, at approximately 12:11 p.m., officers with the Northglenn Police Department responded to 11738 Delaware Court on a disturbance. The reporting party stated that her boyfriend and stepdad were fighting. Upon arrival, a female and male approached the officer. The male had his hands in the air and appeared to be bleeding from a cut on his face. The male appeared scared and stated, “I have my pistol and I shot him.” The female, later identified as the victim’s mother, stated, “that’s my son, please help.” The male pointed to the location of the firearm. The officer secured the weapon and proceeded to enter the residence, where he found another female, who was later identified as the victim’s girlfriend. Inside the residence, the officer found the victim lying face down in a hallway suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim later died. The victim was identified as Angel Escobar. The male who admitted to the shooting was identified as Jacob Renteria, Mr. Escobar’s stepfather. Mr. Renteria was arrested for murder pending further investigation.

Further investigation revealed that Mr. Escobar was engaged in a physical altercation with his girlfriend. His stepfather, Mr. Renteria, stepped in and attempted to remove the girlfriend from the home for her own safety and take her to her parents’ house. Mr. Escobar would not allow this, confronted Mr. Renteria, and punched Mr. Renteria in the face. The two wrestled on the ground while Mr. Escobar’s mother intervened to try and stop her son from fighting. Mr. Escobar got up and said he was going to kill Mr. Renteria. Mr. Renteria went back inside the residence. Mr. Escobar picked up a cement brick and threatened to break his mother’s car windows with it. Mr. Escobar pushed his mother down, causing her to injure her ankle as she pled with him to stop and stay outside. As Mr. Escobar entered the home, he heard the police sirens and stated, “if I’m going to go to jail, I’m going for a reason. I’m going to kill everyone.” He then physically ripped off the front storm door and entered the residence. 

Mr. Renteria heard his wife scream outside, so he retrieved a handgun from the case in his bedroom. As Mr. Escobar came back inside, he pushed past Mr. Renteria and said “Sorry, you’re going to have to be the first one to die.” Fearing that Mr. Escobar was going to arm himself with a gun, Mr. Renteria went back to the bedroom and retrieved his gun. Mr. Escobar came back out of his bedroom with something black in his hand and raised it. Mr. Renteria said that he was in fear for his life, thinking that Mr. Escobar was armed with a gun and fired his gun at Mr. Escobar multiple times. Mr. Renteria explained that Mr. Escobar previously threatened to kill everyone in the family a week prior and he suspected Mr. Escobar had a firearm in his possession at the time he fired his gun. The investigation revealed that Mr. Escobar did not possess a weapon at the time of the shooting. 

The decision to file criminal charges involves an assessment of all known facts and circumstances as well as an evaluation of whether there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction at trial under the applicable law. Criminal liability is established when the evidence is sufficient to prove all the elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  Further, under Colorado law, individuals have the right to defend themselves or others from the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force. Therefore, to file a criminal charge, in addition to proving the elements of a crime, the prosecution must also disprove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the person who committed the killing was acting in self-defense. 

The death of any individual in our community is deeply saddening and Mr. Escobar's death is understandably devastating to his family and friends. The District Attorney's Office and the Northglenn Police Department, however, must follow the evidence and the lawn when determining when to file charges in a case. Following the comprehensive investigation done by the Northglenn Police Department in this case, the District Attorney's Office and the Northglenn Police Department jointly agree that no charges should be filed. The evidence supports the conclusion that Mr. Renteria was acting in defense of himself and others when he fired his weapon at Mr. Escobar. Therefore, Mr. Renteria will not be charged as a result of this unfortunate incident. 


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