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Restoring Relationships, Achieving Justice.

The District Attorney’s Office Diversion Program was established in October 1977 and was once only one of two in the entire state of Colorado with an adult and juvenile program. The goal is to reduce recidivism by helping defendants grow, change, and be accountable for their choices through restorative processes. The Diversion Program offers non-violent offenders the opportunity to gain social skills, repay debts, dismiss their cases, and seal and/or expunge their records. Diversion is a counseling alternative to the prosecution of formal charges for juveniles and adults. 

More than 85% of our clients remain crime-free three years after completing the program. Diversion works!

Our Vision: 

We “restore relationships and achieve justice” and ultimately create safer communities by accomplishing our mission of collaborating with victims, offenders, and the community through three foundational principles: 

  1. Culturally and linguistically relevant services
  2. Community restorative justice principles
  3. Evidence-based or proven practices

Services Offered for Participants: 

  1. Evaluation and treatment
  2. Restorative justice circles 
  3. Individual and family therapy 
  4. GED tutoring and testing 
  5. RTD bus passes 
  6. Community service 
  7. Financial restitution 

Services Offered for Victims: 

  1. Financial Restitution 
  2. Restorative justice circles 
  3. Connection to services 
  4. Mediation 

Client services are determined through a detailed risk and needs assessment. Every Diversion Program Agreement consists of five core elements and expectations. 

  1. Regular Diversion meetings with trained counselors
  2. Education and employment 
  3. Behavior expectations so no future criminal activity 
  4. Substance use treatment and standards 
  5. Community restorative justice 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Upon successful completion of Diversion, no further court action will be taken and the charge will be dismissed. The court record may be sealed or expunged.

Typically, each client meets with their client manager twice per month in addition to counseling or other services.

All clients must complete 10-40 hours of meaningful community restitution service with an approved human services agency (food bank, non-profit, places of worship)

Prior moderate criminal history and risk, or owing more restitution than can be paid back to the victim. 

Formal charges may be filed and a summons to appear in court will be mailed. 

The length of time depends on the individual contract and a client's progress, but usually, this is from six to ten months. 

A non-refundable $100 program fee is required in order to apply for Diversion. Reduced fees are available upon request and depending on need. 

We want to hear from you! Please email your feedback about anything regarding your experience with our program, and we will respond promptly. diversionfeedback@da17.state.co.us

Ann Padilla-ParrasDirector

Diversion Office: 1000 Judicial Center Drive, Suite 300
Brighton, CO, 80601
(303) 835-5520

Diversion Brochure--English Diversion Brochure--Spanish

Juvenile Diversion Eligibility 

  • Juveniles facing a first or second-time criminal offense will be considered for Diversion. 
  • Juveniles will be screened for Diversion using the Arizona Risk and Needs Assessment screening tool. 
  • Youth must admit their culpability and/or involvement in the offense, and become accountable for the underlying problematic criminal behaviors without minimizations or victim-blaming. 
  • The Diversion program provides supervision in accordance with risks and needs. This level of supervision must be appropriate to ensure community safety.
  • The level of impact of the offense means that some cases are not eligible for Diversion.
  • The DA’s office will continue to make case-by-case decisions and exercise its legal discretion to make exceptions to the eligibility criteria as appropriate.
  • Juvenile Diversion eligibility is provided in compliance with CRS 19-2.5-402