What Our Clients Say

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Diversion Program is the power to change. Change comes from within and it takes determination to have change and maintain. To face the challenge of life with clear mind and goals to the future is a huge advantage.” Daniel

“The lessons that I learned will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I consider myself a genuinely better person now than before. With a clean record on the horizon, the possibilities for the future are seemingly endless and you have personally provided me with a better future. Thank you.” C. Norris

“I came up with a plan after Diversion that guarantees my success in life. Shortly after the completing this program, I will be sealing my criminal record, enrolling in college and obtaining a career that matches my college courses. Everything is possible when I set my mind to it. It begins with a felling that turns into a thought and then an action. I have learned to take full responsibility and be held accountable for my actions. I now am focused on becoming a great role model for my daughter rand the community.” T. Romero

“The Diversion program has been so helpful to me, not only because it has allowed me an opportunity to pay for my mistakes with the benefit of a clear record but because it gave me an insight to the rest of my problems.” E. Lally.

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