Consumer Fraud

District Attorney Dave Young is committed not only to prosecuting perpetrators of crime but also preventing those crimes from occurring in the first place. The District Attorney’s Office is committed to educating consumers and offers free seminars on fraud and identity theft prevention.

For information about consumer fraud prevention and economic crime prevention, click on the on the PDF above.   If you want to schedule a fraud or identity theft prevention seminar contact:

Public Information Officer Sue Lindsay

The office also issues consumer alerts whenever the District Attorney learns of scams that are operating in this area. The alerts are distributed by e-mail, Twitter and Facebook to news media outlets, community organizations, businesses, faith communities, homeowner associations and other groups. The alerts are also posted on our website.

To receive consumer fraud alerts:
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We encourage people who believe they have been victimized by a consumer fraud scam to contact their local police agency to report possible criminal activity. Most consumer fraud prosecutions begin with a consumer’s report to police, followed by an investigation and presentation of the case to the district attorney for filing of formal charges.

This is a list of police agencies in Adams County:

Adams County Sheriff: (720)322-1202
Aurora Police: (303)365-2844
Brighton Police: (303)655-2300
Broomfield Police: (303)438-6410
Commerce City Police: (303)289-3648

Federal Heights Police: (303)428-3526
Northglenn Police: (303)450-8853
Thornton Police: (720)977-5030
Westminster Police: (303)430-2400 ext 4221

Economic crime investigators in the district attorney’s office mainly investigate and assist in the prosecution of complex white-collar crime which can include:

  • Contractor fraud
  • Loan/mortgage fraud
  • Investment/securities fraud
  • Complex identity theft/ identity theft rings
  • Public corruption
  • Civil forfeiture

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft you should report it immediately to your local police agency. They will assign a case/incident number to your report which you will need to provide to your banks, credit card companies and credit reporting agencies.

To put a fraud alert on your credit reports, contact these credit reporting agencies:

Equifax: 1(800)525-6285
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374-241

Experian: 1(888)397-3742
P.O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013

TransUnion: 1(800)680-7289
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

Other Helpful Phone Numbers:

Colorado Attorney General
Consumer Line: 1(800)222-4444

Better Business Bureau Complaint line
(303) 758-2100

District Attorney’s Bad Check Restitution Program

Legal Aid Society, Denver Bar Association, Elder Law
(303) 837-1313

Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service
(303) 831-8000

Consumer Credit Counseling
(303) 750-2227

Legal Center for the Handicapped and Older People
(303) 722-0300

Adams County Small Claims Court
(303) 654-3335

Individuals or business with complaints about check fraud should call 800-574-6719 or visit the Bad Check Restitution Program page for more information.

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