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The District Attorney’s Diversion Program is a counseling alternative to formal District Court filing for the offender charged with a non-violent offense. The goal of the Diversion Program is to reduce the incidence of recidivism. Our philosophy is that early intervention and expedient consequences not only meet the community’s need to know that something of consequence has happened, but minimizes recidivism as well. The expectations within Diversion are often more extensive than the client may receive via formal court filing. Diversion case loads are smaller in numbers than probation caseloads, and many times we can more effectively hold the individual accountable for his/her actions.

Services offered by Diversion include, but are not limited to; individual, couple’s, family and group counseling, employment/educational counseling and assistance, chemical abuse counseling, restitution collection, victim-offender mediation, community service, diagnostic testing referrals, and referrals to outside agencies when appropriate. These services are included in the clients Diversion contract as indicated by the assessment /intake interview and collateral information gathered by the counselor.

The client remains in the program based upon their progress and compliance. When a client does not comply with the terms of his/her contract, the case is returned to the District Attorney’s Office for filing. Any commission of a subsequent offense by the client may result in dismissal from the Program and filing of both the original referring offense and the subsequent offense.

To be successfully terminated from Diversion a client must comply with and complete all items contained in their contract. Upon successful completion of the Program, the District Attorney’s Office will dismiss the original charge.

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