District Attorney

Since taking office as your District Attorney in 2013, I have sought to improve the services the District Attorney’s Office provides to the citizens of the 17th Judicial District in Adams and Broomfield counties.

Ours is a busy office. Last year we prosecuted more than 5,700 felony cases and 32,000 misdemeanor and traffic cases. Many new programs and positive changes have taken place in the seven years I have been in office, and I am very proud of what the outstanding members of our office have accomplished.

Creation of an Economic Crime Unit
An Economic Crime Unit was established for the office in April 2014 to prosecute white-collar crime in the 17th Judicial District. The ECU has investigated, solved and prosecuted numerous white-collar crime cases, including consumer fraud and crimes against the elderly. The unit has won more millions of dollars in court-ordered restitution to victims of white-collar crime. Our office continues to work with law enforcement agencies in our jurisdiction on improving ways to investigate these types of crimes. We also continue to do community outreach to the relevant agencies that are required to report elder abuse crimes.

Created a Drug Prosecutor Position
In 2013, we designated a drug prosecutor to handle major drug cases. Our drug prosecutor works closely with the North Metro Task Force and has played a significant role in taking down several major criminal drug organizations in our community.

Assignment of a Human Trafficking Prosecutor
We recognize that human trafficking is a serious issue in the 17th Judicial District as it is throughout the Denver metro area and across the country. Two prosecutors and an investigator are assigned to prosecute human trafficking cases and also train law enforcement in the investigation of human trafficking cases.

Reorganization of our District Court Prosecution Unit
Our office historically has handled a high volume of felony cases with limited resources and routinely leads the state in taking serious felony cases to trial. Recognizing the high volume of cases assigned to our attorneys and the increasing number of high profile murder cases in our district, we have added felony prosecutors as well as another Chief Deputy District Attorney to help oversee our increasing load of homicide cases.

Reorganization of our Investigations Unit
We reorganized our investigations unit to focus on the investigation of major crimes and critical incidents involving police officers and the use of force in the 17th Judicial District. We have added several highly experienced investigators to our staff and our unit is recognized as one of the top investigations units in the area, taking the lead in certain officer-involved shooting investigations.

On-Call Homicide Unit
Involvement by our prosecutors at the beginning of a case leads to more effective prosecution of the murder cases we handle. Our most experienced attorneys are assigned on-call to respond to homicide crime scenes to assist with these major investigations. Our office established this protocol when I took office as your District Attorney in 2013, the first time this was done in the 17th Judicial District.

Diversion Program
Our District Attorney’s Office is one of only a few in the state which offers a Diversion program to adults as well as juveniles. Our Diversion Program is unique and successful because, unlike many other jurisdictions, we have a pre-filing program. Most of our Diversion clients are referred before cases are filed, so that a juvenile or adult defendant never has to appear in court and the defendant’s record never contains the alleged incident. In the rare instance that a referral is made after the filing of criminal charges, upon successful completion of the Diversion program, the case is dismissed and the defendant’s record is sealed. Our program is highly successful. Our Diversion Office has a 90% success rate that our adult and juvenile clients will not re-offend if they successfully complete the program during my time as your District Attorney.

Established a Sexting Program for Juveniles in our Diversion Program
In 2015, we established a sexting Diversion program for juveniles who otherwise could be charged with a Class 3 felony for sending sexually explicit images on their cell phones or other devices. The 6-week program educates juveniles and their parents about the ramifications of sexting and the permanency of electronic images. Because our clients are referred to Diversion before the case is filed, the case never appears on the juvenile’s record and they do not have to register as a sex offender. Our staff also speak to students in our schools about sexting.

Problem Solving Courts
Problem Solving Courts are geared to addressing the underlying problems causing the criminal behavior of defendants rather than merely dealing with punishment of the offender. We have three Problem Solving Courts in the 17th Judicial District:

  • We helped establish a Veteran’s Court in March 2014 to provide an alternative to incarceration for U.S. military veterans with trauma-related emotional or mental health issues.
  • The Drug Court has been in place many years and is highly successful in helping to rehabilitate drug offenders. The program prevents them from going to prison and helps them become productive members of society.
  • The Family Treatment Court does the same thing with people suffering from mental illness, focusing on rehabilitation and treatment rather than punishment. This court improves the safety and welfare of children and reunifies families by promoting the recovery of parents from alcohol and drug abuse through personal accountability and treatment.
  • The Juvenile Alternative Court Track offers a similar program for juveniles with behavioral or mental health disorders.

Community Outreach

Commitment to Public Information and Education
I am committed to expanding our involvement in the community and communicating with the public about what we do and using innovative ways to stay connected to the community we serve and help you stay informed.

We post all of our news releases and decision letters on officer-involved shootings on our website so they are readily available to the public. News releases are also posted on our Facebook page and Twitter. You can follow us here on Facebook, Twitter or www.adamsbroomfieldda.org.

District Attorney’s Citizens Academy
One of my first priorities as District Attorney was to establish a Citizens Academy where members of our community could learn about the criminal justice system and the work we do at the District Attorney’s Office. We held our first academy in the fall of 2013. The free eight-week program gives an inside look into how a homicide case is investigated and prosecuted and also includes presentations on juvenile crime, the coroner’s office, crime scene investigations, DNA, victim-witness services and the diversion program. This has become an annual event and we held our seventh academy in September 2019.

17th Judicial District Senior Law Day
Our office led the way in establishing a Senior Law Day for the citizens of Broomfield and Adams counties. Our first Senior Law Day was held in 2018 and the event is held each year. The event offers important information on legal topics affecting senior citizens ranging from estate planning and guardianship to fraud prevention and Medicare.

Fraud Prevention Seminars
Our staff provides free seminars on identity theft and consumer fraud prevention on a regular basis. If you are interested in scheduling a fraud presentation, contact our public information officer, Sue Lindsay, at 303-835-5639 or slindsay@da17.co.state.us.

Speakers Bureau
Our staff is available to speak to community and neighborhood groups on any topic relating to the criminal justice system. Topics of our educational presentations include:

  • Criminal Justice System and the Role of the District Attorney
  • The Juvenile Justice System
  • The Impact of Amendment 64
  • Human Trafficking
  • Investigation of Officer-Involved Shootings
  • Elder Abuse and the Mandatory Reporting Law
  • Identity Theft and Consumer Fraud
  • Drinking, Drugs and Driving
  • Marijuana, Alcohol and Teens
  • Bullying and Cyber-Bullying
  • Sexting

Service on Community Boards

Community Leadership Board for the Adams County Youth Initiative (ACYI)
The Adams County Youth Initiative was established in 2005 to develop programs to improve early childhood literacy, high school graduation rates and keep youth in school and out of the criminal justice system. The District Attorney’s Office was instrumental in forming ACYI and I serve on its board.

Governor’s School Safety Advisory Board
This group of educators and lawmakers advises the Governor on issues concerning school safety.

Executive Board for The Link: A Community Assessment and Resource Center
The Link is the juvenile assessment center for Adams and Broomfield counties. I serve on its board. The mission of The Link is to provide a collaborative, multi-agency, single entry process for youth who are involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. By on-site screening and thorough assessment, youth are referred to appropriate intervention services in order to prevent initial or repeat youth offenses and to seek alternatives to detention

Executive Board for CESE
CESE (Community Engagement, Supervision & Evaluation) is a treatment program designed for non-violent offenders diagnosed with mental illness as an alternative to the criminal court system. The CESE court is one of our Problem Solving Courts. I serve on the CESE board.

Member of Key Community Response TEAM, Aurora
The Key Community Response Team (KCRT) is made up of volunteers who respond for the city of Aurora in times of civil disorder. Team members serve as facilitators, mediators and trainers, and work to control rumors and put together community forums.

Dave Young’s Biography

Dave Young was elected District Attorney by the citizens of Adams and Broomfield counties in November 2012. He was sworn into office on January 8, 2013 and reelected for a second term as District Attorney in 2016. He is responsible for the prosecution of more than 5,700 felony and 26,000 misdemeanor and traffic criminal cases each year.

Dave’s career demonstrates his lifelong commitment to justice. As chief prosecutor for the 17th Judicial District, he is an aggressive prosecutor who is committed to working with local law enforcement agencies to guarantee the fair administration of justice and obtaining justice for victims of crime. He is a passionate advocate for victims of crime who also respects the rights of the accused.

His goal is to vigorously pursue the ends of justice, protect the citizens of Adams and Broomfield counties from violent crime, protect children from predators, protect senior citizens from exploitation and create a safer community through partnerships with law enforcement and other groups. He is an advocate of victim’s rights and giving victims a strong voice in the system.

Dave joined the District Attorney’s Office for Adams and Broomfield counties in 2005 as a chief trial deputy and later as Assistant District Attorney. He continues to prosecute high profile capital murder cases while supervising the staff of 71 attorneys and 114 support staff.

Dave began his career as a prosecutor more than 28 years ago as a Deputy District Attorney with the 4th Judicial District for El Paso and Teller counties where he prosecuted high profile murder cases and oversaw major drug investigations in the jurisdiction. As head of the homicide unit, Dave prosecuted high profile capital murder cases, including death penalty cases, and oversaw the prosecution of hundreds of homicides.

Dave serves on the board for the Adams County Youth Initiative and the Governor’s School Safety Advisory Board, and served for many years on the boards for the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, the Colorado District Attorney’s Governing Board and the 17th Judicial District Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.

In 2009, as part of a program of the Conference of Western Attorneys General, Dave participated in training prosecutors from Mexico in courtroom advocacy, victim rights, defendant rights and other aspects of American prosecution techniques as Mexico transitions into an adversarial justice system.

Raised in Colorado, Dave is a graduate of the University of Wyoming School of Law and Midwestern State University.

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