Court School Program

The primary goal of Court School is to make a witness’ actual court experience as comfortable as possible.

Court School is designed to provide information about the courtroom setting and procedures to any child, adolescent or adult who will be testifying in a court case.

Court procedures can be confusing and court rooms intimidating. For many people, what they know about the criminal justice system comes from what is on T.V. or in the newspapers. Court School provides an opportunity for children, adolescents and adults to ask questions and learn about what they can really expect when they come to testify.

Anyone who may testify as a witness in a criminal case is encouraged to attend Court School. This includes children, adolescents, adults and parents.

A typical Court School session will generally take one to two hours. It may include:

  • Watching an educational video about testifying.
  • Reading handouts addressing fears or concerns about being in the courtroom or testifying.
  • Taking a tour of a courtroom, including a chance to sit on the witness stand and practice answering questions.

At no time during a Court School session are details about the case, or the witness’ testimony, discussed.

A meeting with the deputy district attorney assigned to handle your case may occur after your Court School session is finished.

Court School sessions are scheduled so close to actual court dates for two reasons:

  • The witness has a fresh and clear picture of what to expect in the courtroom, alleviating some stress before testifying.
  • It allows the deputy district attorney to speak with the witness to discuss last minute details prior to the actual court hearing.

Court School sessions are scheduled on an individual basis. Once a referral is received, Court School is scheduled one to two weeks prior to the next scheduled court date.

If you are interested in scheduling a Court School session, contact the deputy district attorney assigned to your case at 303 659-7720 or you may call the advocate assigned to the case at 303 659-7735 (Adams County) or 720 887-2199 (Broomfield County).
If you are signing your child up for Court School, parents are encouraged to also attend to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with resources to support your child.
Once a referral or request has been received, the advocate will contact you directly to set up a time for Court School that works with your schedule.

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