Crimes Against Children

The District Attorney’s Office features a distinct unit, which gives special attention to child victims of abuse and sexual assault.    The advocate in this division works only with child victims and their non-offending parents or guardians.    Child victims receive direct support and sympathetic assistance throughout the criminal justice process.     A children’s Court School Program has been developed solely to benefit child crime victims.

1. In addition to all rights afforded to a victim or witness under section 24-4.1-302.5, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and judges are encouraged to designate one or more persons to provide the following services on behalf of a child who is involved in criminal proceedings as a victim or a witness:
a. To explain, in language understood by the child, all legal proceedings in which the child will be involved;
b. To act, as a friend of the court, to advise the judge, whenever appropriate, of the child’s ability to understand and cooperate in any court proceeding;
c. To assist the child and the child’s family in coping with the emotional impact of the crime and any subsequent criminal proceeding in which the child is involved;
d. To advise the district attorney concerning the ability of a child witness to cooperate with the prosecution and concerning the potential effects of the proceeding on the child.

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