Victim Notification After Sentencing

The District Attorney’s Office will automatically send notifications to a victim of court hearing dates. After a defendant is sentenced, a victim must request to receive similar notifications directly from the agency that will be handling the offender’s (defendant) case. If the offender (defendant) is in the custody or control of one of the following agencies and you wish to be notified of critical stages in the case after sentencing, please complete and submit the required notification form. For more information regarding the services for victims in each agency, please follow the links provided.

Agencies that handle offender (defendant) cases after sentencing include:

  • Department of Corrections DOC Enrollment Form

  • Division of Youth Corrections DYC Enrollment Form

  • Probation Probation Enrollment Form

  • Colorado Mental Health Institute MH Enrollment Form

MH Enrollment Form

  • Adams and Broomfield County Detention Facilities VINE automated notification service

    VINE automated notification service

    Based on the sentence received by the defendant in your case, the District Attorney’s Office will inform you of the appropriate agency to contact for post-conviction information. You may also contact the advocate assigned to your case if you have any questions, or need any assistance in completing an enrollment form.

    Please remember that YOU MUST ENROLL for these notifications.
    Probation may prepare a written evaluation for the court’s use in deciding the appropriate sentence for the defendant. After the defendant is sentenced to probation, a probation officer will be assigned to provide supervision of the defendant in the community and develop a case plan. The case plan will include terms and conditions that involve a balance between protection of the community, containment and rehabilitation of the offender, and victim notification.

    Under current Colorado law, after an offender is sentenced to probation, victims can choose to be notified of certain changes in the offender’s status. The Adams and Broomfield County Victim Service Officers provide assistance to victims when an offender is placed on probation. Consistent with the Colorado Victim Rights Amendment, victims of crimes are notified of the defendant’s sentence to probation and are invited to request notification of significant events during the probation sentence. The Victim Service Officers provide referrals for victims, as well as general assistance.

    To enroll in the Crime Victim Notification Program through the Probation Department, you must complete the attached Probation Victim Notification Enrollment Form. You may enroll by calling the Victim Assistance Program at one of the offices noted on the resource list. Once this form is completed and returned, the Victim Service Officer will keep you notified of the following:

        • Revocation hearings
        • Summons or warrants
        • Changes in supervision
        • Modification of terms and conditions
        • Request for early termination
        • Supervision transferred to private provider
        • Death of the offender

    If you would like further information regarding the 17th Judicial District
    Probation Department Victim Notification Program, contact:
    Renee Stewart Phone 303 255-4225
    Kimberly Branham Phone 303 451-4771

    An offender may be released from probation under the following circumstances:

        • Expiration of sentence: The full sentence is completed by the offender.
        • Revocation: If offenders do not comply with the terms and conditions of probation, they may be ordered back to court. Probation may be revoked, and the offender may be incarcerated or re-sentenced to probation.
        • Early termination: In certain instances, the offender’s sentence may be shortened. Many factors are taken into consideration before this occurs, including whether all terms and conditions of probation have been met, the potential risk to community, and if restitution has been completely paid.

    The offender’s court ordered treatment and supervision is a lengthy process. Victims have the option to determine the extent to which they will be informed and or participate in the offender’s court ordered sex offender treatment. Your participation is NEVER required. If you would like more information please call the Victim Assistance Program.
    If the defendant is on probation in Adams or Broomfield contact:

    17th Judicial District Probation Department
    4955 E. 74th Ave.
    Commerce City CO 80022

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