Case Information

Victims of criminal cases filed with the District Attorney’s Office receive written notification of scheduled court events, case status and final case disposition. It is the responsibility of the victim (or victim’s designee) to keep the District Attorney’s office informed of his/her current address and telephone number in order to receive written notifications.
If you are a victim or witness and have questions regarding a specific case, you may contact the Victim Witness Services Unit at (303)659-7735 to speak with an advocate. You may also contact the prosecutor assigned to the case at (303)659-7720. It is helpful to have the court case number, the defendant’s name and your name when you contact us.

Si no puede leer o hablar inglés, por favor tenga un amigo que habla inglés o miembro de la familia llamar a la unidad de servicios para víctima y testigos unidad a (303)659-7735.

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