Advocate Services

In Adams County, an advocate can be contacted at (303)659-7735
In Broomfield County, an advocate can be contacted at (720)887-2199

The Victim Witness Services Unit is staffed by professionally trained advocates who are assigned to criminal cases in District, County and Juvenile Court divisions. They play a very important role in contacting the victim after a case is filed with the District Attorney’s office. After charges are filed with the District Attorney’s Office, victims of violent crimes will be contacted by an advocate who has been assigned to the case. This initial contact is helpful to assess any special needs that a victim may have regarding his/her participation in court proceedings. Advocates provide information, support and appropriate referrals for victims of, and witnesses to, crime. They keep in contact with a victim throughout the prosecution of a case. They also work closely with the families of homicide victims and the parents and/or guardians of children who are victims or witnesses.

It is important for a witness to contact an advocate with the Victim Witness Services after receiving a subpoena. Advocates are here to answer any questions or concerns and to provide information regarding court hearings or other criminal justice system procedures. They can also help a victim or survivor apply for Crime Victim Compensation, complete a Victim Impact Statement and assist with documenting expenses for restitution.

Colorado law provides for reimbursement of mileage when a witness is subpoenaed to appear in court, whether he or she testifies or not. When a witness checks in at the Adams or Broomfield County Justice Center, an advocate will provide information on how to obtain mileage reimbursement.

Advocates work directly with the prosecuting attorneys in arranging for witnesses to appear for court room testimony. They place witnesses “on-call”, provide orientation to the courtroom and education about the criminal justice system and notify parties of the final trial verdict. Advocates are also available to provide emotional support and practical assistance to a victim or witness before, during and after he or she is subpoenaed to testify in a court proceeding.
If you have questions about advocate services, you can contact the Victim Witness Services Unit at (303)659-7735 or email the Victim Witness Services Unit at For questions about a specific case, it is helpful to have the court case number, the defendant’s name and your name when you contact us.

Si no puede leer o hablar inglés, por favor tenga un amigo que habla inglés o miembro de la familia llamar a la unidad de servicios para víctima y testigos unidad a (303)659-7735.

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