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The District Attorney’s Office is staffed by attorneys, investigators, victim advocates and support staff who all care deeply about those affected by crime. We are committed to treating all victims, witnesses and survivors of crime in our community with fairness, dignity and respect. If you are a victim, a witness, or a survivor, we understand that you did not choose to become involved in the criminal justice and that this process can seem scary, confusing, and even frustrating at times.

The Constitution of the State of Colorado and the laws of this state guarantee certain rights to victims, and their families, of certain crimes. The Victim Rights Act became part of the Colorado Constitution in 1992. Under this law (link to Colorado Revised Statutes 24-4.1-101) victims have the right to be heard, to be informed and to be present at all critical stages of the criminal justice process. When the victim is deceased or incapacitated, these rights are guaranteed to the victim’s spouse, parent, children, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, significant other, or lawful representative. You can learn more about the rights of victims by following the link “Your Rights as a Crime Victim” on this website.

The Victim Witness Services Unit exists to involve crime victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system in a manner that lessens the devastating impact of crime. This is done by providing personal contact, support, information and advocacy to victims, their loved ones and witnesses throughout the prosecution of a criminal case.

The Victim Witness Services Unit is staffed by advocates who have the responsibility to make sure that victims, witnesses and survivors know about their rights established by law. Crime victims are assigned an advocate who will work with them throughout the time their case is in the criminal justice system.

Advocates also help to access appropriate resources to assist a victim, witness or survivor so they do not suffer further harm or trauma by being involved in the criminal justice process. Advocates provide victims, witnesses and survivors with information, support and assistance in a professional and compassionate manner throughout the prosecution of the criminal case. Advocates also work closely with the prosecutors, lawyers, investigators and support staff of the District Attorney’s Office in seeking justice for victims of crime by providing restitution and trial support services.

There are many different resources and services that may be of help to a victim, witness or survivor in Adams and Broomfield counties. Some of these resources and services are provided by agencies in the community.

They include:

  • Practical information regarding court room procedures
  • Information on the status of your case
  • Court accompaniment
  • Victim Impact Statement assistance
  • Restitution assistance
  • Crime Victim Compensation application assistance
  • On-Call System: This allows witnesses to stay by a phone rather than wait long periods at the courthouse to testify at court hearings
  • Call-Off System: Advocates attempt to call witnesses as soon as we know a court hearing in your case has been changed
  • Communication with employers to arrange time off for court appearances
  • Mileage reimbursement procedures
  • Referrals to other services which may be of help to you
  • Transportation arrangements when no other alternatives are available when subpoenaed to testify
  • Interpretation and special needs services

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as a victim, call an advocate at 303 659-7735 or email the Victim Witness Services Unit at For questions about a specific case, it is helpful to have the court case umber, the defendant’s name and your name when you contact us.

In order to keep communications clear and up-to-date, it is the responsibility of victims, witnesses and survivors to make sure that advocates have current, and correct, phone numbers and addresses. If all local efforts to obtain your rights have failed, you may request assistance from the Governor’s Victim Coordinating Committee. For additional information, call the Office for Victims’ Programs at the Division of Criminal Justice (303)239-4442.

The following section gives instructions for persons who do not speak English.
If you cannot read or speak English, please have a friend who speaks English or a family member call the victim/witness service unit at 303-659-7735.


Si no puede leer o hablar inglés, por favor tenga un amigo que habla inglés o miembro de la familia llamar a la unidad de servicios para víctima y testigos unidad a 303-659-7735.


害人/证人服务小组,电话号码 303-659-7735。


영어를 읽을 수 없거나 말할 수 없는 분은, 영어를 말할 수 있는 친구나
가족을 통해서 303-659-7735 로 피해자/증인 서비스 부서에 연락하십시오.


Если Вы не говорите и не читаете по-английски и Вам нужна помощь, пожалуйста, попросите родственника или знакомого, владеющего английским языком, помочь Вам позвонить в “Программу помощи пострадавшим”. Вы можете связаться с нами по тел. 303-659-7735.


หา กา น ไ สา มา ร ถา น ห อ ด ภา ษา ง ก ฤ ษ ไ
ก ณา ข อ ใ ส มา ก ใ น ค ร อ บ ค ว ห อ เ อ น ข อ ง
า น โ ท ร พ แ ง เ ห ห ว ย บ กา ร เ ย หา
ย 303-659-7735.


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